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How to Choose Payment Options and Set Up

Choose between:

1. Internal Standard Payments Ė Built in payment program. All payment options are built into your e-store. Checks, money orders, CODís, credit card collection, real time credit card processing, shipping, discounts, coupons, sales tax.
2. Malís e-Commerce ** Ė Third Party Processor Ė Payment, Shipping, Discounts, Vouchers, Sales Tax and Credit Card Storage.
3. PayFuse Ė Third Party Payment Processor Ė This is similar to a merchant account, it is a merchant and processor in one.

** I highly advise using the Internal Standard Payments option as it will have everything you need. Malís at one time was the preferred option because it had shipping features, and credit card features that the Internal Standard Payments did not have. Due to recent upgrades, the Internal Standard Payments offers everything Malís does plus more. For this reason I will only be explaining how to use the Internal Standard Payments option.

Internal Standard Payments

To setup Internal Standard Payments click on the Payment button in the left hand navigation of your feature cart. By default Internal Standard Payments is already selected.

Scroll down to the section that reads Standard Payments and put a check next to the methods of payment you want to accept through your store. It will give the customer these options at checkout. Some of these are self explanatory so I will just go to the ones with the most asked about questions.

FeatureCart Credit Card Collection Service (FC-CCCS)

This is a credit card collection service. This does NOT charge the customers card. This is to be used in conjunction WITH an existing merchant account. Many WahmShoppe eStore owners use this with Propay (www.propay.com), or the new Paypal Pro but it can be used with any merchant. This is also a good option if you also have a brick and mortar store and already have a credit card terminal to process cards (verify with your merchant that you are approved for online transactions).

You will need to login to FC-CCCS each time to access it as it is a secure location for customers credit card info. When you get an order that indicates the customer chose FC-CCCS at checkout you will login get their credit card number and process it through your merchant account virtually or through a terminal.

Authorize.net Credit Card Processing

This is real time credit card processing. This feature will not only collect the customers credit card information, but process it through a Gateway that will verify the funds availability on the customers card and charge the customers card by sending this information straight to your merchant. In order to use Authorize. net you will need a merchant account with a merchant who is setup to use Authorize.net. The easiest way to find a qualified merchant is to go to the Authorize.net site and contact merchants on their approved list. Let the merchant know you already have the Authorize.net gateway built into your shopping cart and upon completion of sign up they will give you the information you need to setup.

Further clarification.

Gateway = A separate service that acts as an intermediately between the shopping cart and the financial networks, including the customerís credit card issuer, and your merchant account. It checks for credit card validity, encrypts the transaction details so that they can be sent via cyberspace securely, sends the appropriate information to your merchant and also back to your shopping cart.

Merchant = The actual financial backer of the transactions. They actually handle the money portion of the transactions. You can get a merchant account from your local bank (although typically costlier then other places), or through a third party merchant who specialize in ecommerce.

With the Authorize.net setup you will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining a merchant account, and pay all merchant fees and gateway fees as applicable. Rates vary per merchant so please check around.  

WahmPro Recommends Merchant Express for your merchant credit card processing needs.

Inexpensive Merchant Accounts - Accept credit cards online, over the phone, or in person. We offer a variety of processing solutions at discount pricing.


A third party payment and merchant processor all rolled into one. In order to accept Paypal you need to have a Paypal account (preferably a merchant account). Plug your Paypal email address into the appropriate box and the customer will have the option to select Paypal at checkout. The cart will then direct them to your Paypal account where they can then follow through with payment. Paypal does have an option that does not require customerís to have a Paypal account. To do this you will need to go to your Paypal account click on profile, click on Website Payment Preferences in the far right column, and make sure Account Option is checked as yes.

Click Here to Compare The Most Popular Credit Card Acceptance Options

NOCHEX, PayMate, eWay.com.au

Third party payment processor for our overseas friends.


Third party payment processor like ProPay, but due to many complaints they are not suggested. We still have clients who use them so the option remains.

Custom Payment Options

This will display additional payment options for customers. If you have a way to process payments other then the ones above, you can use the custom payment options for the customer to select and then you contact customer after the sale to complete payment. DO NOT ask for credit card numbers as this is not a secure method.

If you have any questions about setting up payment options for your new WahmShoppe store feel free to contact me.


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