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    Q: Hours of Operation
    What are your hours of operation?

    A: I work from home around my families schedule. I will answer emails within 24 hours but typically much quicker then that. I have mobile email and do my best to answer all emails quickly.

    We actually work on sites, requests, designs Monday-Friday 9-5 and take weekends and holidays off.

    Vacations are a rarity, but I will let you know if I will be on vacation or out for any length of time. I recently had a baby and took less then a week off, that will tell you how dedicated I am to my clients.
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    Q: Phone consults
    I still have more questions, and prefer speaking by phone, would you be willing to call me?

    A: Although email is our preferred method because we work from our home, we will be happy to schedule a 15 minute phone consult to further discuss your needs. If you need more then 15 minutes this will incur a charge. Please contact us for further information on this.
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    Q: How it all works
    I'm interested in starting an online store but I'm a bit lost as to how the wahmshoppes and your sites go together. Can you tell me step by step how to get my store up and running?

    A: We have a page that explains our process and how it works here: The Process
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    Q: How much will it cost?
    How much will it cost for you to design a website and shopping cart for me?

    A: Probably one of my most commonly asked questions. I offer several different options to help meet the needs of the various budgets of work at home moms and small businesses. For those on a tight budget, I offer my pre-made templates to help give your site a new look without the expense of a custom design.

    For those who are seeking a more custom look I offer a custom design package.

    Please look through them and find one that fits your needs.

    My prices are a one time fee, hosting/cart pricing is dependent on the individual host you select. See our list of compatible hosts.
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    Q: Do not need a shopping cart
    I do not need a shopping cart, do you offer basic websites without shopping carts?

    A: Yes, we can do simple brochure or credit card style websites. This is the perfect solution for those that do not need a shopping cart, but just a basic website with a home page, contact page, about us page and maybe one or two other info pages. Please contact us for further information on this option.
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    Q: Barter
    Do you ever barter your services for products?

    A: Yes I love to barter, many times I can not offer to barter for the entire order, but will consider a portion if you offer something that will work for my family.
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    Q: WahmPro and Wahmshoppes the Same?
    Are WahmPro and Wahmshoppes the same business?

    A: No, wahmshoppes is one of the many compatible web hosts that we work with. WahmPro is a design business that specializes in pre-made templates and custom web design for wahmshoppes hosted estores and other compatible hosts.
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    Q: Install Time
    If I buy a premade template how long does it take to install?

    A: We will install your customized pre-made template within 48 business hours of receiving your order (Mon-Fri). Please make sure you already have your hosting setup.
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    Q: Store/Cart Installation
    Will you install my store or cart for me?

    A: We offer free store/cart installation for all compatible hosts.
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    Q: Can You Change a pre-made template?
    I really like a particular pre-made template but I do not like the font (or color, etc). Can you change it?

    A: We will make font and color changes to templates, we will charge our hourly rate of $55 an hour, billed in 15 minute increments. A font or color change can take as little as 15 minutes or as long as an hour, depending on the request.
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    Q: Add Shopping Cart
    Can you just add a shopping cart to my existing site?

    A: We typically can not just "add a shopping cart" to your existing site. But we can incorporate your current sites design into a custom website design template to work with one of our compatible hosts. Please see our web design category or email us for further information.
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    Q: Changes to the template myself
    If I purchase one of your templates, can I make changes to the color, font, graphics myself?

    A: Please see our Terms of Service
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    Q: Monthly Support and Maintenance
    Do you offer monthly support or maintenance?

    A: We do offer support and maintenance for our existing clients or to new clients who are with one of our compatible hosts. Please see our Maintenance Plans. (scroll to the bottom of the page)
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    Q: Compatible Hosts/Carts
    What Hosts or Carts Are your Templates Compatible With?

    A: Please see our list of compatible hosts/carts here: Compatible Hosts
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    Q: Host/Cart Not Listed
    My host/cart is not listed, can you help me?

    A: If you do not see your host/cart listed on our Compatible Hosts page, and you also do not see it listed in our non-compatible hosts/carts on that same page please contact us with your information and we will get back to you asap.
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    Q: Moving Your Site to Wahmshoppes
    Can I keep my current site up while I work on my new Wahmshoppes site?

    A: Yes, if you decide to open a wahmshoppes store, please request a temporary site and this will allow you to work on your temporary site while keeping your current site up for little to no downtime.

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