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WahmPro will edit your photos for web use.

Basic Photo Optimization Includes:
* Cropped (remove excess background)
* Color adjusted if necessary
* Brightness adjusted if necessary
* Crunched to an optimal size for best possible loading time.

Optional Edges Available. See our main photo editing page for samples: Photo Editing

Custom Photo Optimization Includes:
* Same as Basic but also includes custom crop of product. Cut out and removal of product.

White background will be used unless otherwise indicated at time of order.

Additional charges for custom photo optimization on jewelry. Changes or re-optimizations due to customer photo quality are charged at the original rate.

The quality of the finished photo depends entirely on the photo I am supplied with.

To complete order, put qty of photos you need work on in the qty box, check the option then add to cart.

***Please note, if your photo contains several items in one photo that have to be cropped individually and then pasted back together, such as photos of multiple items, then it will count as more then one photo. If you have any questions on what the charge is for your photos, please contact me for details. Thanks.



Units:       If you have more then 10 photos please email me prior to order to make sure we can fill your order in the appropriate lead time

Approximate Shipping Time:
Current Lead Time is 2 weeks on photo editing
Basic Photo Optimization
Basic Photo Optimization  $3.00
Custom Photo Optimization (Excludes Jewelry)  $4.00
Jewelry Photo Optimization (Background Removal)  $6.00


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Additional Instructions:

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