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Rate Comparison of Popular Credit Card Acceptance Solutions

Service Paypal Pro Propay Merchant Express Other Merchants
Application Fee Free Free Free $75-$125
Setup Free Free Free $50-$150
Monthly Fee $20 $0 $0 $0
Per Transaction 1.9% - 2.9%*
+ .30 cents
3.5% - 2.69%
+ .30 - .25 cents
+ .29 cents**
+ .35 cents
Annual Fee $0 $34.95 - $299.95 $0 up to $195
Statements $0 Online Only $10 Paper Statements $9.95 Paper Statements $10-$15 Paper Statements
Authorize.net Setup Not Available Not Available $0 $99-$299
Authorize.net Monthly Fee Not Applicable Not Applicable $19.95 $19.95 and up

*most will qualify for 2.9% rate with paypal pro. lower percentages are only available as sales volume exceeds $3000 a month
**includes AVS fee (.25 cents + .05 cents AVS per transaction)

The Benefits of Using a Merchant Account Such as Merchant Express over Paypal Pro or Propay

  • Payments are processed in real time, will be authorized and/or denied at the time customer places the order. Customer will know right away.

  • Funds are deposited into your business checking account within 2-3 business day, versus having them in either a paypal account or propay account that you now have to transfer into your account or use a specialized credit card to obtain funds.  Makes running your business so much easier

  • Authorize.net is already integrated into your WahmShoppes shopping cart, thus making it easier for you to run your day to day business.  If you use a merchant that is not associated with authorize.net you will need to utilize the FC-CCCS feature in your shopping cart and Manually process all transactions after the point of sale.


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