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What are Meta Tags?

When you start building your website and WahmsShoppe eStore you will see a little box that says:

Meta NAME="Description" Meta Tag

Meta NAME="Keywords" Meta Tag

So what exactly are these boxes for?

Well a simple explanation is this is your description and the keywords you would like associated with your site. This is not for your site visitors but for the search engines.
It is rumored that search engines do not pay much attention to these tags anymore due to unethical use. That does not justify not using them, so let's talk about proper ways use these tags?

The Meta Description is just that, a description of your site. DO NOT cram this full of keywords, or write a very lengthy description.

Decide what the main theme of your site is about and base your description on this.

Think of what sets your site or items apart from the competition. Try to narrow down your description so that you will get shoppers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Keep your description short, a good rule of thumb is no more than 150 characters

Make sure the description matches the same content on the page associated with it. You have two places to put these meta tags, one is the website home page, and the other is the eStore. It is best to do two separate meta tag description and keywords for both of these pages.

Write it so it is reader friendly, although it is made for search engines. Many search engines will take your meta tag description and put it on the blurb right under the link to your store so it needs to be easily read by a human being.

Meta Keywords are just the keywords, not full sentences, that will help visitors find your site. With keyword meta tags there are many more DO NOT's then Do's so we will discuss those.


Cram it full of every keyword that could "possibly" be associated with your site.

Use it to list every product you have on your site

Include products or keywords that not even on your site at all, to try to route people to your site.

What you SHOULD DO is:

Use keywords that describe your store properly

Keep it to 200 characters or less

Use keyword phrases and or variations on the keywords

Only use keywords that are in the content of your page

Use separate keywords for your website page and your splash page.

Example of keyword meta tag: keyword, keyword, keyword, keyword or you can leave out the commas and just list your keywords like this: keyword keyword keyword keyword

Remember to include the same keyword phrase that you used in your description and keyword Meta Tag. Do this by putting quality content on the main section of your page that the tag is associated with.

It can take anywhere from one day to several months for the search engines to pick up and index your keywords. The fastest way to get them to do this is to have lots of links pointing to your site. The more links pointing them back to your site, they more often they keep coming back to make sure the freshest content is in their database.

I hope this helps anyone just starting out.


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